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Our services

Urban Strategy

  • Public space strategy
  • Urban infill and retrofitting vision
  • Regeneration strategy
  • User experience analysis
  • Design guidelines
  • Climate adaptation and disaster mitigation strategy
  • Area activation framework
  • Biodiversity in urban environment

Master planning and Urban design

  • Public space and landscape design
  • Area branding, navigation and visioning
  • Tactical urban solutions and pilot projects
  • Master plan vision and framework
  • Playground design development for safer and more engaging spaces

Transportation and mobility

  • Concept design of streets
  • Mobility vision
  • Public transport amenities
  • Accessibility for all - guidelines development for better accessibility for limited ability demographics
Architectural planning
  • Public and residential architecture: vision and concept development
  • Climate adaptation plan

Leadership, knowledge and empowerment

  • Workshops and open talks practices on urban design, planning.

  • Resilience fundamentals training. Training aimed to introduce participants to chronic stresses and acute shocks our cities and communities face and tools that are implemented around the globe.
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