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how we work

At our studio, our approach is rooted in adaptability and continual dialogue with our partners. We cultivate multifaceted relationships, engaging in open dialogue to view tasks from various perspectives. Through long-term and comprehensive thinking, we build flexible partnerships that allow for the inclusion of city residents in piloting concepts if necessary.

Our initial step upon meeting with partners is to define the objectives, outcomes, deliverables, and services required for the project. By establishing clear goals and expectations, we ensure alignment and clarity from the outset.
Strategic Alignment
During this stage, we delve into the background of the project and its scope. We conduct thorough site analysis, considering factors such as land use restrictions and the surrounding environment. Additionally, we may undertake qualitative and quantitative research within the community to gain valuable insights. This stage lays the foundation for understanding the project's context and challenges.
In-depth Analysis and Development
Building upon the insights gained from the analysis stage, we develop preliminary design concepts aimed at addressing the project's objectives and challenges. These concepts are then refined and presented to our partners for discussion and feedback. Through iterative refinement, we arrive at an optimal solution that aligns with our partners' vision and requirements.
Conceptualisation and Refinement
Once the concept is finalised, we proceed to prepare detailed documentation and plans for implementation. This includes architectural drawings, visualisations, climate adaptation strategies, and urban design plans. By providing comprehensive documentation, we equip our partners with the necessary tools to move forward with confidence.
Implementation Preparation
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